August 31 w/ Isabel Umali & Dustin Carlson, Ace Hotel, NYC

September 2 w/ Dayeon Seok & Lisa Hoppe, Bar Next Door, NYC

September 11 w/ The Burnt Ends, NUBLU, NYC

September 18 w/ WOOD RIVER, Rockwood Stage 1, NYC

September 20 w/ Brian Drye, Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, Bklyn

September 27 Solo - Kulturförderpreis Lüneburg, GER

October 5 w/ Wem Zeit wie Ewigkeit, Dorfkirche, Barum, GER

October 6 w/ Wem Zeit wie Ewigkeit, Kloster, Loccum, GER

October 7 w/ Wem Zeit wie Ewigkeit, Köln, GER

October 10 w/ Lisa Hoppe’s Third Reality, Greenwich House, NYC

October 21 w/ SOONER, Threes Brewing, Brooklyn

October 26 w/ The Burnt Ends, St. Mazie, Brooklyn

October 31 w/Big Heart Machine, The Jazz Gallery, NYC

November 7th w/ The Burnt Ends, Brooklyn Conservatory Of Music, Brooklyn

November 8th w/ SOONER, Boston, TBA

November 9 w/ SOONER, The Other Side, Utica, NY

November 10 w/ SOONER, Bop Shop, Rochester

November 15 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Mumbai, IN

November 16 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Pune, IN

November 18 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Chennai, IN

November 20 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Trivandrum, IN

November 22 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Hyderabad, IN

November 24 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Bangalore, IN

November 26 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Colombo, SRI

November 29 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Kolkata, IN

December 1 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Dhaka, BD

December 3 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Karachi, PK


April 2 w/ Max Kutner, Threes Brewing, Brooklyn

April 6 w/ Banda de Los Muertos, Barbès, Brooklyn - 10PM

April 24 w/ Matt Pavolka Horns Band, Smalls, NYC

May 9 w/ The Burnt Ends, Barbès

May 23 w/ WOOD RIVER, Nublu Classic, NYC

June 3 w/ Max Kutner, Sisters, Brooklyn

June 5 Duo w/ Marie Séférian, Balboa, Brooklyn

June 9 w/ Anna Webber & Angela Morris Bigband, Queens Museum, 3PM

June 16 w/ The Choir Invisible, Barbès, Brooklyn, 5PM

June 22 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Jazzbaltica, Timmendorf, GER

June 30 w/ Cantus Domus, Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

July 30 w/ Vinnie Sperrazza Apocryphal, Threes Brewing, Bklyn