UPCOMING SHOWS                          

February 26 w/ Simon Jermyn, Branded Saloon, Bklyn

March 5 w/ Brian Krock's Big Heart Machine, Sir D's Lounge, Brooklyn

March 6 w/ Matt Pavolka's Horns Band, Korzo, Brooklyn

March 12 w/ Asterids, Bushwick Public House, Brooklyn

March 15 w/ Erica Eso, Alphaville, Brooklyn

March 31 w/ Wood River, House Show 1681 Dean St., Brooklyn

April 1 w/ Wood River, Freddy's Backroom, Brooklyn

April 10 w/ Simon Jermyn's Trot A Mouse, Korzo, Brooklyn

April 17 w/ Brian Drye Band, Korzo, Brooklyn

April 19 w/ Marta Sanchez Room Tales, The Jazz Gallery, NYC

April 22 w/ Choir Invisible, The Owl, Brooklyn

May 21 w/ Choir Invisible, Bar Lunatico, Brooklyn

June 22 w/ Stefan Schultze, TBA, Berlin,GER

July 1 w/ The Choir Invisible, Outskirts Music Series, Brooklyn

July 18 w/ Matt Pavolka's Horns Band, Barbès, Brooklyn

August 2018 Wood River & Cantus Domus at Haldern Pop Festival (TBA)

August 19 Sediments We Move - Wood River & Cantus Domus, Berlin, (TBA)

September 1 w/ Stefan Schultze, TBA, Berlin,GER

November 2 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Uelzen, GER

November 3 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Forum, MS, Lüneburg, GER

November 4 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Kesselhaus, Lauenau, GER

November 6 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Theaterstübchen, Kassel, GER

November 13 w/ LisbethQuartett, Seidlvilla, Muenchen, GER

November 14 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Stadtgarten, Köln, GER


January 5 w/ Wood River, Cafe Resonance, Montreal

January 6 w/ Wood River, House Show, Montreal

January 8 w/ Wood River, Threes Brewing, Bklyn

Januart 13 w/ Simon Jermyn, Bowery Electric, NYC

January 25 w/ Asterids (Davis, Curtis, Noriega, Greve), Brackish Music Series, Bklyn

January 28 w/ Eleni Arapoglou, Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

February 1 w/ Brian Krock's Big Heart Machine, St. Johns Church, NYC

Lisbeth Quartet Record Release Tour "THERE IS ONLY MAKE"

February 6 w/ LQ, Klappsmuehl, Mannheim, GER

February 7 w/ LQ, Die Fabrik, Frankfurt, GER

February 8 w/ LQ, Ulm, TBA, GER

February 9 w/LQ, Reutte, GER

February 10 w/ LQ, Birdland, Neuburg, GER

February 11 w/ LQ, Kunstraum, Tosterglope, GER

February 14 w/ LQ, Übel und Gefährlich, Hamburg, GER

February 15 w/ LQ, Orania, Berlin, GER

February 16 w/ LQ, Jazzinstitut, Darmstadt, GER

December 13 w/ The Choir Invisible, Jazz Gallery, NYC

December 2 w/ Simon Jermyn, Freddy's Backroom

November 26 w/ Simon Jermyn, Pete's Candystore, Brooklyn

November 19 w/ Jermyn,Webber,Rainey, Threes Brewing, Brooklyn

November 3 w/ LQ, Jazzy Colours Festival, Paris, FR

November 9 w/ LQ, Pianosalon, Berlin, GER

November 11 w/ LQ, Kulturforum, Kiel, GER

October 31 w/ LQ, Loft, Cologne, FR

September 12 w/ Choir Invisible (Sperrazza-Tordini-Greve), Korzo, Brooklyn

October 4 w/ Simon Jermyn, Balboa, BrooklynMay 12 w/ Arooj Aftab, Alwan Center for the Arts, NYC

May 16 w/ Asterids Alto Quartet, Korzo, Brooklyn

May 21 w/ The Choir Invisible (Sperrazza, Tordini, Greve), The Owl, Bklyn

June 23 w/ Wood River, A Trane, Berlin, GER

June 24 w/ Wood River, Dots, Göttingen, GER

June 25 w/ Wood River, Salon de Jazz, Cologne, GER

June 27 w/ Wood River, Unterfahrt, Munich, GER

July 1 w/ Wood River and Cantus Domus: Sediments We Move, Musikbrauerei, Berlin, GER

July 2 w/ Wood River and Cantus Domus: Sediments We Move, Musikbrauerei, Berlin, GER,4PM

July 2 w/ Wood River and Cantus Domus: Sediments We Move, Musikbrauerei, Berlin, GER,7PM

July 16 w/ Zach Clarke, Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn, 7PM

August 7 w/ Brian Krock Bigband, Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn

August 14 w/ Brian Krock Bigband, Sir D's Lounge, Brooklyn

August 21 w/ Asterids Altoquartet, Threes Brewing

August 23 w/ Asterids Altoquartet, Balboa

August 26 w/ Marta Sanchez, The Cell, NYC